Oughterard Culture & Heritage Group

In early 2006 a group of people from Oughterard, each with a keen interest in local history  decided to establish Oughterard Cultural & Heritage Group. Since then the group has been involved in numerous projects which set out to highlight the many historical features of Oughterard.


The following are some of the projects:

  • Collection & Scanning & archiving of Old World Photographs of Oughterard
  • Joint effort with VEC in organising a permanent photographic exhibition in the VEC building in Camp Street.
  • The production , publishing & retailing of  three Old World calendars of Oughterard .
  • The Researching & Development of an Historical Walk / Golden Mile (at Canrawer) with the production of a substantial guidebook. (Note : In the 2008 Golden Mile Competition
  • Oughterard won the award for Best Potential Golden Mile)
  • The 2009 entry for The Golden Mile Award at Leim won the Best Overall Golden Mile for Galway.
  • Intensive research into Griffith Valuation ,1901 census & 1911 census .
  • The identifying, researching & archiving of the Earliest Maps & manuscripts.
  • Interviews with local people. 

In 2008 the group got a great boost from a "Back To Education Scheme" funded by FAS & the VEC. This scheme meant that three researchers could be employed to continue the research of Oughterard in more detail.

The research is currently involved in three areas, namely:

  • The mapping , identification & archiving data from the graves at Kilcummin Graveyard. 
  • Linking townhouse ownership from 1855 approx up to present day. The aim is to produce a publication with a "Then & Now" theme containing old photographs & old stories of the people who lived their lives in Oughterard town.
  • The production of an On-Line Historical Web site of Oughterard. We are extremely grateful to the people who have allowed us to scan their photographs. We would encourage everyone who has old photographs esp of Oughterard Town & the people who lived in the town, to contact us with a view to scaning & returning (on same day) these precious photographs.


Please ring any of the following Numbers:
085 1657496            087 2511230                091 866912 

Or  E mail:  oughterardheritage @gmail.com

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