The Heritage Walk

The Heritage Walk is 2.8km (approximately one and three quarter miles). The walk starts at the church grounds and finishes at the same spot. The Golden Mile, which is a   1.6km section of the Heritage Walk, starts at the waterfall entrance on the Clifden road and ends at Cregg na Coille estate on the Cloosh Road. Please note that there are some steep gradients along the walk, notably at the waterfall. We hope that you enjoy your walk and that the booklet enhances your appreciation of the flora, fauna and heritage of both walks.

In the interest of safety you can park your car at the Church grounds. As you leave take a left over the stone bridge. Walk on the footpath past Oughterard House (Sweeney's Hotel) on your right and the Shrubbery on your left. Continue on the path until you reach "Salmon Leap" cottage. Take care crossing the road at this point towards the Hatchery gate. Follow the footpath past "Waterfall Lodge". The Míle Órga (Golden Mile) starts at the entrance to the waterfall, which is marked by a sign, "Siúlóid an Easa".

The Oughterard Culture and Heritage Group has provided this text and a whole booklet describing this walk, flora and fauna you are likely to encounter and 18 stops of interest along the way. You may download a free copy by clicking here.